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NEW 8.0 (review)

Published: March 19, 2013
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Various Artists – NEW 8.0
Review by Vital Weekly:

Originally N.E.W. meant ‘Nijmeegsche Electronische Waar’ (Nijmegen Electronic Stuff), but the ‘N’ has been changed to ‘Nieuw’, which needs no linguist to know it means ‘new’. Probably because they ran out of young talent from this beautiful city to put on a compilation CDs. I guess now it’s open for anyone from the Eastern part of The Netherlands to join this contest sort of thing. Send your tracks to the jury and if they like your music you can be on the CD and play on one of the CD presentations. All granted with permission of those who pay for it. I’ve been to a couple of these launch parties and it’s nicely crowded with friends of the performing acts seeing their mates on stage for the first time and all that, but when you get back home and play the CD, you are may be a bit let down. Oh, did I ever mention that I don’t like reviewing compilations, of any kind? Probably I didn’t, as I am still probably hearing at least two or three a week. Music as a commodity this is, well captured within official schools, ‘programma podiumplan’ (I assume nobody outside the Netherlands makes it this far in the review, so I won’t be bothered to translate), and the conservatorium of Arnhem. Goddamnit. What happened to do it yourself, the punk spirit of electro, techno, acid? Why did I listen to this Ableton tutorial of risk free music? Lots of would be techno, rap, r&b and all that. I wish all of these musicians lots of luck in their career. Tonight I wish to play Unit Moebius for a very long time and at a ultra highly volume. I am pretty sure this review didn’t qualify me a seat on the next jury. (FdW)

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