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Title: Roughly Human
Artist: Plastic Surgery Icon
Available formats: download
Catalog#: esc.rec.35

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01 I Sleep Badly With You Alive (5.41)
02 Ex Insomniac (4.23)
03 Remember When You Had Alzheimer (3.13)
04 Hate Preacher (4.15)
05 Noise Rock Paralympics (5.46)
06 I Hope You And Your Haircut Fucking Die (4.28)
07 Women Of Britain (2.57)
08 Voler Une Guitare Du Dessin De Tinka (4.53)


Plastic Surgery Icon: acoustic & electric guitar, bass, voice, floor tom
Everything electric played through same broken Peavey bass amp
Drums on nr 2, 3 and 5 are fake, the floor tom in 7 is definitely real
Recorded at grandfather’s house between oct. 2012 and jan. 2013
Wiechert Warntjes played trumpet on 6
Mixed by Plastic Surgery Icon on obsolete computer software
Mastered february 2013 by Greg Saunier
Artwork by Maria Cristina Fazecas

Thank you Greg, Wiechert, Maarten, Harco and Maria

View the Creative Commons License (BY/NC/SA) that applies to this work.

Press release

Roughly Human is the title of the debut album by Plastic Surgery Icon, for which he spent the last three months of 2012 recording non-stop. The idea was initially to record some basic acoustic guitar songs that he had lying around for years, maybe for the release of a short EP, but additional new songs appeared quickly. To three of the four old songs, vocals were added, along with other instruments. Three of the new songs were more math rock oriented. In the end there was an album’s worth of material that turned out mostly acoustic, but stylistically varying between folky singer/songwriter pieces, some catchy pop tunes and gradually escalating mathy madness.

Influences include Sun Kil Moon, Deerhoof, Super Adventure Club, Animal Collective, Spoelstra, Lisa, Amy en Shelley, hipster haircuts, cats and internet messageboard spambots. Since the iconic ambassador of plastic surgery only had knowledge of a computer programme that hadn’t been updated since 2002 he decided to use that. After recording, he got in contact with Greg Saunier of Deerhoof fame, who was friendly enough to master it and make it sound vivid and punchy. Plastic Surgery Icon used to play in Dutch noise rock band Boutros Bubba and still plays in Amsterdam based garage band Apneu.


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