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The Metamorphosis EP (review)

Published: January 14, 2013
Tags: esc.rec.33, Press


Gluid – The Metamorphosis EP
Review on Ambientblog:

The Metamorphosis refers to Franz Kafka’s classic ‘Die Verwandlung’. This music was originally written for a theatre production based on Kafka’s 1915 novel. Gluid (dutch for sound but missing the first vowel) is Bram van den Oever, and this is his fourth release. Musically, it is not unlike his remarkable 2007 release “Binnensuis” (dutch for ‘home interior’, but missing a consonant), describing a woman’s neurotic compulsive behaviour in a way too close for comfort – but this time without the spoken word. There’s a thematic resemblance between these two releases, an undeniable uncomfortable aspect to the seemingly lightweight music. Always something underneath hiding; things are never just what they seem to be. The Metamorphosis EP is not released in physicial format, it can be downloaded for free! But please consider to donate to support the artist and his label Esc.Rec.

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