Gluid – The Metamorphosis EP

January 8, 2013    esc.rec.33, Releases


Title: The Metamorphosis EP
Artist: Gluid
Available formats: download
Catalog#: esc.rec.33

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01 Prologue (2.17)
02 The Metamorphosis (6.45)
03 Knock Knock (6.29)
04 Don’t Take My Furniture Away! (4.34)
05 Faulty Narcosis (4.00)
06 Finally She’s Playing / Epilogue (5.37)


Produced and mixed by Bram van den Oever
Mastered by René de Wilde
Songtitles for track 3 & 5 invented by Emile Wauters (Autumna)
Artwork and design by Harco Rutgers
View the Creative Commons License (BY/NC/SA) that applies to this work.

Press release

Initially this music was commissioned by theatre company Noortje Licht as a soundtrack for ‘De Gedaanteverwisseling’ (The Metamorphosis), based on the book by Franz Kafka.

The show/installation (2010) was a seamless combination of acting, extremely inventive video projections by Douwe Dijkstra and music by Bram van den Oever (Gluid). Quite exceptional for such a small theatre company. Check this promo video.

After some minor alterations, this soundtrack now became a breathtaking stand-alone Gluid release. And just like the world famous psychological thriller by Kafka, it haunts you with hallucinatory beauty.


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