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Vital Weekly

Esc.rec. Sampler #1 (review)

Published: January 6, 2005
Tags: esc.rec.03, Press


Review in Vital Weekly (
Eleven tracks by eleven bands (I think, maybe there is somebody who works under a variety of names) of which I know #slo-fi (sometimes known as ~slo-fi or /slo-fi). The compilation opens with a couple of intelligent dance musics by acts such as Marius, Radion, Dreamspeed and Parkside, the latter incorporating a nice bunch of vocals too. All of these can be classified under the banner of Warp. #slo-fi’s straight forward techno track breaks the release and after that things get more varied with some more experimental material by Maga or the happy hardcore by Toxic Chicken. A nice compilation with some fine music and a most promising start for this label.

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