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The Quiet Ride Home: Lungs Full Of Mist (review)

Published: April 13, 2005
Tags: esc.rec.04, Press


Review in Vital Weekly (
Originally Hidde van Schie is a visual artist, but these six tracks are the first result of himself as a musician. The guitar plays the leading part in these tracks, save for some computer processing and on ‘First Time’ there are bell-like sounds. But it’s mostly the guitar that tinkles away in these recordings. It’s hard to avoid, but post-rock is the thing that springs to mind here, but it’s a very raw form of post-rock. The recording quality is not all to great, but it adds to the somewhat raw and intimate atmosphere. Like the titles suggest, this is a melancholical release. Water, mist and quiet train rides are the subject of this release. As a first attempt it’s nice but not great. But it surely can grow from here.

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