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April 12, 2005    esc.rec.05, Press

Review in Vital Weekly (
The cover design of this work is really what the CD is all about: it shows a washing machine, a drum kit, a drum computer and a mixer all connected to the heart of a person. The heart is called distortion. And distortion is certainly at the heart of Krutogolov’s music. All elements of the sound pass through the distortion, deforming all the sounds in more or less the same way and thereby creating new sounds. The music is mostly beat based, with melodic lines escaping every now and then. Krutogolov also uses a bowed bass and voice, but anyone able to discern this gets my utmost respect.

The result is basically what one would expect: a very dense sound palette with weird and sometimes eerie sounds piercing through. It may seem strange but I liked this CD most when played softly on headphones. In this way I was able to recognize best the efforts Krutogolov has made to create well balanced tracks, with breaks etc.

Unlike a first impression this music deserves full attention to discover its hidden qualities. But it must be said that a playing time of over one hour is a bit much, regarding the fact that the overall sound quality is more or less the same all the time (track number 4 excluded, but that’s just a little too less)…

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