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Vital Weekly

My Mind Machine & The Wired One (review)

Published: November 12, 2005
Tags: esc.rec.06, esc.rec.07, Press


Review in Vital Weekly (
A double release by one artist on the same label; the discs must be different, conceptually or formally, one expects. But this is not the case really. Both discs feature Maga’s intelligently constructed whacky technoid tracks. Maga effortlessly combines all the possible sub-genres of electronic music to suit his his very own needs. And this leads to rather unexpected and exciting combinations in his best songs. Most of all, his tracks are very well put together, leaving no question about his compositional skills. In most cases, the tracks are relying heavily on the rhythms, which leaves the melodies in a tight spot sometimes. Other tracks are a little freaky and don’t really seem to get to the point. So what we have here is a collection of very nice and enjoyable tracks and a number of sketchy parts that raise some questions (the main one being: what are they doing here?). The point I want to make is simple: put the best tracks together on one disc and you have a great release! Then again, this is the only drawback of these otherwise very enjoyable releases.

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