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Gluid (review)

Published: February 20, 2006
Tags: esc.rec.08, Press


Review by SONOMU (

A stunning success of aural artistry by one Gluid, from Holland, I do believe. His self-titled debut (?) is made up of beats, glitches, a dab of dub, hummable melodies and some extremely judicious samples, both vocal (American politicos pronouncing on the war on terrorism) and musical, and then primarily acoustic. However, this is no folktronic album, but rather a very 21st-century, urban-sounding recording.

If this is indeed a debut, then Gluid is the recipient of a truly God-given talent. Or he has spent hours alone sweating over and honing his craft to perfection, to judge from this record’s impressively deft construction. The love, care and skill with which this collage is rendered is reminiscent of a colourful but typically restrained Mennonite quilt.

It stretches over some fifty-five minutes, a grand semi-ambient mural, evoking a much more wide range of emotions than this sort of aesthetic is usually capable of. “3/4 Song” somehow evokes nostalgia in the present reviewer – for what, I have no idea, but it feels both cozy and lonely – and “What Mood” sounds, to paraphrase Brian Eno, like what aliens would produce if you described Big Band music to them without being able to play them any recordings of it. Easily one of the best CDR releases of the year.
(Stephen Fruitman)

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