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Vital Weekly

Music For Your Eyes (review)

Published: February 12, 2006
Tags: esc.rec.09, Press


Review in VITAL WEEKLY (
This is not music that crosses these pages regularly: the best description is probably symphonic pop (?). Transfolmer is an artist with many capacities and that may well be his biggest problem. Explanation: his music is so rich in texture, ambience and sound palette, that most people will turn away after three songs, simply because they cannot follow the subtle meanderings of this work. And yes, that is a problem for many. Looking at it from the opposite way, this work is an enchanting journey into a world so personal yet inviting that anyone with enough open-mindedness and some patience will get lost in its intricacies without any doubt. Difficult? Not at all! Easy listening? No way! Hhhhmmm…….. Okay, here we go: acoustic guitars, field recordings, lyrics, electronic manipulations etc. etc. A bit long maybe, but just order.

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