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Vital Weekly

Doos Where The Days (review)

Published: June 12, 2006
Tags: esc.rec.10, Press


Review in VITAL WEEKLY (
For various reasons this CDR shouldn’t be part of Vital Weekly. First of all, De Bronstgieters are dutch, which isn’t the problem, but it’s hard to translate all the wit involved in the songs, the titles and the cover. Then the music: it’s popmusic of a rather lo-fi kind, but still to be defined as popmusic. A territory not covered by Vital Weekly, at least not a lot, and one we are not comfortable reviewing. The band existed from 1987 to 1993 and released a bunch of cassettes (which at the time went by me, perhaps because of the music and the fact that cassettes weren’t the central thing anymore for me). On this CDR you will find a selection of songs from these cassettes. Drums, bass, guitar and vocals, texts in Dutch, German and English, all packed together with a gentle sense of nonsense. Amidst of all things experimental, this is a true odd ball, and at that it’s quite funny to hear music like this and break away from the normal routine. The package itself is quite elaborate: a silkscreened cover, like a comic in the best punk tradition, and a small booklet that adds to the confusion.

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