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Vital Weekly

's latest hits (review)

Published: February 28, 2007
Tags: esc.rec.11, Press


Review in Vital Weekly (
Roel Meelkop is perhaps foremost known as… Roel Meelkop. But perhaps you know his work with Goem or Kapotte Muziek? Well, of course you do. But little known is his work as Slo-fi (let alone his latest incarnation Zèbra). His first LP, on his own co-owned Audio.NL label, was a strong statement of very slow techno music. Originally perhaps conceived as a one off product, Meelkop liked the idea of doing more techno music, and released a further 12? on Audio.NL, a CDR on Microwave and a 12? on Antenne. More recent efforts to release more work didn’t work out, as Slo-fi’s work falls a bit in between the dance floor and home listening entertainment. Slo-fi uses various bits of software to generate a nice acid techno sound, but cleverly waves underneath a pattern of electronics and field recordings. Many of the tracks have a good drive, that will even make the most stubborn, non dance minded, tap his feet. What else can we say? Nothing really. Play this loud tonight when thing’s are still hot and sweaty and you will have a guaranteed party in your own backyard.

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