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Vital Weekly

Grannittin (review)

Published: February 28, 2007
Tags: esc.rec.13, Press


The launch of esc.rec. brought us some years ago a most odd double compilation CDR called ‘J’ee-haw! Remixed’ (see Vital Weekly 387), based around the call ‘j’ee-haw!’, now they return with something likewise odd.

Robert Witt did a performance in which the sound of knitting was fed through a bunch of plug ins and granular synthesis and that became the basis of this double compilation, of course neatly packed in a knitted sock. Many of the remixers take one knit from the performance, and create a loop and tons of variations around that to built a piece of music that is highly techno related, with Radboud Mens as the most commercial actor on the scene. His piece is thick, fat and highly minimal and highly danceable. Phako, Xaf, slo-fi, Timvankessel, Goem all do the same.

The odd balls here are those who create a non-linear piece, such as the careful deconstruction by Staplerfahrer, Robert Witt’s own ambient variations and Jos Smolders outing in the field of musique concrete and Igor Krutogolov (the only non Dutch musician as far as I can judge) doing a bit of rhythm and noise. Transfolmer is the only one who adds another instrument: a quite horrible guitar solo. Also present are Marius, Gluid, Toxic Chicken, Lukas Simonis and Maga.

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