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May 29, 2007    esc.rec.14, Press

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The name Robert Witt might not ring an immediate bell, but he’s the guy who graduated from art school with sound installations and live manipulation of sound, most notorious the live processing of knitting, which was later remixed by a whole bunch of people in the ‘Grannittin’ project (see Vital Weekly 545), in a knitted sock on the same label that is now responsible for his solo debut release.

For his current release, with nine tracks, he samples whatever he feels is interesting to use: “his own voice, plastic bags, clicks and tics, things out of movies, dutch pirate radio and contemporary music”. All of these samples are then manipulated inside the computer. Witt assembles lots of small loops and creates densely layered patterns (to stay in the analogy of knitting) with these. He treats similar loops slightly different with all sorts of plug-ins. His music gets something mechanical and also some rhythmic. Not that he produces dance music, although the opening ‘Jen_kun-fu’ could easily be mistaken for a Chain Reaction outtake. This doesn’t happen with the other pieces. His sources are most of the time obscured through the deliberate clouds he produces out of them. At times intense and loaded with anger, such as is in ‘Du345052?, but he also has a great sense of humor in some of the other pieces.

It’s a pretty strong debut with music that defies categorization. It’s experimental enough, but falls outside noise or microsound, techno or other forms of rhythm based music, but has enough power of its own.

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