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Vital Weekly

Binnensuis (review)

Published: September 13, 2007
Tags: esc.rec.15, Press


Vital Weekly (

In Dutch ‘geluid’ means sound, ‘gluid’ could be a shortened version thereof, and ‘Binnensuis’, could be short for ‘Binnenshuis’, home interior. To explain this proofs the difficulty about this release, well at least for those who don’t speak Dutch. The Dutch texts, written by Jehudi van Dijk, deal with anxiety, phobia of all kind and neurosis. They are read by a dancer, Janneke Lenzen, who reads with a great voice, and set to music by Bram van den Oever.

They all came together, after each finished their own part of it, and made a short dance of this. I could ramble that seeing is believing, but I agree with Esc.Rec here: the music stands well by itself and it’s good to see this released as a CDR. The voices are not cut, but they loop through echo units and set to a warm bed of electronics. A bit like Expanding/Highpoint Lowlife, but the addition of voices make it to something wholly unique.

The anxiety and neurosis really come alive in the spoken word/text of “stepping on dust (don’t do it, stop), turning up the heat (or did I do that already), who are my friends, do I think, it’s not scary, it is…”.

It’s not scary music, or even scary lyrics, but it makes a truly wonderful combination. One is sucked into this fascinating world, and I really regret that so many of my non dutch speaking listeners will not be able to understand this. Almost a radio play like piece this one, I could hope for a translation one day. While dance is not my art discipline, I wish I saw this one.


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