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January 1, 2008    esc.rec.18, Press

Vital Weekly (www.vitalweekly):

Deventer’s (that is in The Netherlands) Esc Rec closes the year, or perhaps starts up with three free MP3 releases, two of which are by artists whom we know from before and a new one.

Yoshimi! is one Niek Hilkmann, who is only 18 years old, and who plays the cello (along with other instruments he claims to be qualified for, such as ‘Conga, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Bongo, Tarbuka, Rababa, Harmonium, Trumpet, Accordeon, Euphonium, Drums, Ukulele and some other small things…”) , but for his electronic music he turns on the computer. He samples his own playing and makes popmusic out of it. Electronic music with quite some speed, until ‘A Building’, which is a more of a slow piece. The instruments that he claims to play all drop by at one point or another, and make an utter varied work that is quite funny and mature, despite his age. A promising start, and certainly somebody who is going to be picked by more mainstream alternative music.


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