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Vital Weekly

Newly Refurbished and Tussock Moth (review)

Published: April 21, 2009
Tags: esc.rec.21, Press


Review in Vital Weekly:

Apricot My Lady is Anne LaBerge (flute, electronics, voice), Lukas Simonis (guitar, effects, voice), Jonathan Bohman (objects, voice) and Adam Bohman (balalaika, objects, voice). The Bohman brothers are known for there sound experiments. LaBerge is a pioneer flutist and composer. As Apricot My Lady they are together since 2003. For this CD they created 18 small miniatures, mainly instrumental tracks. There are played on recognizable instruments plus many found objects and sounds. But the ideas are not that pronounced as on the album by Perfect Vacuum. It is a collection of musical ideas that deserve more. Many pieces offer only a vague impression of what they in potential are. They sound as loosely built constructions without a clear focus. Happily the music on this album proves itself as a very odd meeting between the punk attitude of Simonis and serious music on the other side. In that respect this experiment is absolutely perfect and demonstrating a very fitting going together of very different musical approaches. But I hoped for a more appealing execution of their ideas. (DM)

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