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Vital Weekly

Midazolam (review)

Published: June 24, 2009
Tags: esc.rec.22, esc.rec.23, Press


Review in Vital Weekly:

The man who started his career with double remix project ‘Grannittin’, which was based on a recording of knitting (see Vital Weekly 545) and then ‘SSRI’ (see Vital Weekly 578), now returns after a two year hiatus with ‘Midazolam’. Its a work in two parts: the first seven pieces can be downloaded from the label’s website and are each four seconds in length. That is: on the CDR. And they are all blank, but you can download the real thing from the website. It sort of eludes me why there is 30 seconds of silence at the beginning. Witt still samples the hell out of anything he can put his finger on, but whatever he does to it makes it that we don’t know what it is that he sampled. The cover doesn’t give us a clue in that respect. On the six tracks on the CDR release we get a bunch of Chain Reaction like rhythm based music. Deep bass loops, tons of plug ins are applied and the end result is music that is certainly rhythmic but never close to becoming dance music. Certainly in the last track ’13? this is the case. It comes close to the world techno, but is not quite ‘it’. Microsound, ambient glitch and rhythm combined in what seems to be not an entirely original thing but that is nevertheless quite nice.
In the download album of the seven ‘opening’ pieces (numbered 1 to 7) the absence of rhythm is to be noted. Here Witt goes all the way out into Ambient land, with still highly processed blocks of sound. Deep, dark and highly atmospheric. Monolithic in shape. Things start and stay in what they develop in the first few seconds of the composition. Everything uses also lots of computer processing. The other side of the same coin, music without the love of rhythm. Very nice too, but what I don’t understand is why Witt didn’t choose to release the best of both worlds into one CDR? (FdW)

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