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POKE 20 (review)

Published: February 17, 2010
Tags: esc.rec.25, Press



Esc.rec, local Netherlands electronic music label and worldly online netlabel put together a fuller than full album, Poke 20, of the C64 “Monty on the Run” theme song remixes by various artists on their label. This project is a collaboration of esc.rec and productiehuis ON. Productiehuis’s website is in Dutch, and sadly I can’t read more into it, but here is a blurb about the collaboration from an English page on the site:

“Poke 20 is the sequel of the C64 Orchestra project in which a classical orchestra played newly arranged C64 game music, such as International Karate, Monty On The Run and Myth. In Poke 20 we re-returned the C64 Orchestra version of the Monty On The Run track to contemporary electronic composers and musicians to create their own remix version.”

The three instant gratification songs below are my favorites from my first listen of the album, but I have a feeling I’ll be switching all the tracks on and off of my Ipod for a long time. Each remix has its own unique style and each artist throws some seriously sly production, better known as electronic musicianery, in the mix that sets this album apart from the many other “One Move Larry” compilations out there.

***Esc.rec is offering it free but the rad poster artwork, by Ontwerpatelier, is available for sale and donations for the collab are totally awesome of you.

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