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Vital Weekly

POKE 20 (review)

Published: November 10, 2009
Tags: esc.rec.25, Press


Review in Vital Weekly:

To the world outside The Netherlands it may seem that anything goes here, and that there is always money for it. Cross-over here is the ideal word. Cross-over between media (art, music, internet) or between styles (let your hip hop be played by an orchestra) or age and gender (bring your hip hop to shady pines). So let me assure you that when someone thought of the idea of writing out Commodore 64 for a twelve piece orchestra, it was not too difficult to find money for it. Now the ‘full circle’ has been made by asking twenty people to do a remix of Monty ON the Run: from 8 bit to an orchestra and back to the dancefloor. Not that you can get it that easy, or in a quality that good: the music is stored on a website, but you can order a CD cover and blank CDR to copy the download on. ‘Revolutionary artwork has to put free download album Poke 20 on the map’, as the press text announces. Music/media/internet, don’t let the CD decide what you get, you burn onto CDR what you like – young and hip. I am a bit wary for all of this. Sceptical, cynical even. It sounds like game to remain busy for artists – not the work you create is important, relevant or beautiful, but the buzz you create or the grant you pick up. But I got one for free (hence the review of what is basically a MP3 release), so I downloaded the whole thing and actually these remixes, although I didn’t have a Commodore 64, nor did I visit the orchestra playing the tunes, but this game-boy music mixed with samples from an orchestra is actually quite entertaining. Many use the melody again and again, so after some time you get the drift, unless you wish to see this as a larger conceptual music, executed by an electronic orchestra of twenty people, interpreting the same score. Despite all my reservations, I liked the musical part and that’s perhaps the only part we should care about. (FdW)

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