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Flakes (review)

Published: December 22, 2010
Tags: esc.rec.30/lomek15, Press


The Find Magazine: “Releasing free MP3s as ‘a Christmas gift’ is as original as announcing a new release on 01-11-’11 of the new year, but let’s ignore that. Because good music is good music, right? Time is not of the essence.

Our inbox is filled with Christmas anthems, gifts and free stuff. We decided to select the best of all those free tracks with our standard Quality Control policy, for your pleasure. Our selection features free music by Mar, K-Murdock, Suff Daddy, Kev Brown, Paul White, Chrisfader, Minor Sick, DJ Sight and many more.

What’s better than finding new music and discovering it’s from your own country? Independent label Esc. Rec reached out to us through Twitter and we’re thankful for that. Together with another label called Lomechanik they’ve released this downtempo electronic compilation called ‘Flakes’, ideal travel music on those cold winter days. “

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