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February 15, 2011    NEW006, Press

Vital Weekly:
“When ‘NEW’ started it stood for Nijmeegse Electronische Waar, that is electronic stuff from Nijmegen, now, in its sixth incarnation it stands for Nieuwe Electronische Waar, new electronic stuff, not longer confined to the beautiful city of Nijmegen but all electronic music from the Eastern parts of The Netherlands, say the province of Gelderland. Originally a bunch of Nijmegen labels working together, now its more like a competition. “upload your tracks which will be rated by Rik Publik and an experienced jury will decide who is going to be on the CD”. Apparently the concept of X Factor/Idols/Popstars can be used anywhere. I guess I wasn’t made for these times. I never heard of any of these eleven artists, which perhaps means I hopelessly out of touch with the electronic scene, but then I was never part of the scene of DJs, house or techno or clublike otherwise. Its hard to say wether any of these ‘will make it’. I liked the minimalism of Detache, but it didn’t strike me as very original. I am, I must admit, not too well informed about the world of dance music to say any of these are true originals, or in what subsection they fit – dressing up old styles with a bit more bass, suddenly becomes an exciting new genre it sometimes seems, but of course its all a marketing ploy. That said, the eleven pieces (by Radion Ft. John Jacob Niles, Sonurber, Detache, Grimm Limbo, Kuhlmannmensink, Sam A La Bamalot, Hide And Scream, Oshunmare, EML, AddictedWhiteGuy and De Sluwe Vos) were quite entertaining in home consumption. I don’t know how well it would translate to dance floor, but since I don’t frequently visit such floors, I should not care about it too much. As said: well entertaining, without many surprises.” (FdW)

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