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Twee (review)

Published: April 16, 2012
Tags: esc.rec.31, Press


Review in Neural:

“Dutchman Bram Van Den Oever, better known as Gluid, has already published a first solo cdr-album on esc.rec. For his second release he collaborated with Paul De Jong and MiaMia. Now Van Den Oever is back solo and with “Twee” the immersive and multiform sequences gain a musicality even richer in textures and hues, balanced between orchestral and free form approaches. Threads where field recordings again peek out (used less significantly than in the past) leave room for the main structure to resonate in flowing, dreamlike and progressive scores. The settings show traces of exotic cadences and cinematic influxes, partly – we imagine – inspired by the author’s passion for soundtracks, theatre and contemporary dance (a sphere in which Van Den Oever has often elaborated scores) The listening here is pleasant and the progressions – always suggestive – are reminiscent of a soft digital psychedelia, made abstract in their envelopes. The ten tracks form a collection that strongly evokes sidereal coincidences, where different drives and stylistic choices are well mixed. Eclectic sounds, that adapt well to discreet listening, are far from more trendy experimentalism, but still modulate with a contemporary and rich airiness in which the typical squaring of purist forms yields to peaceful assonances; crystal clear in their quiet accents, still expressive and mildly conceptual.”

Aurelio Cianciotta

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