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Vital Weekly

Twee (review)

Published: October 25, 2011
Tags: esc.rec.31, Press


Review in Vital Weekly:

It’s been five years since we had the debut album of Bram van den Oever, also known as Gluid (see Vital Weekly 516, the final review written by Roel Meelkop actually), and in between there was ‘Binnensuis’, music and text for a dance performance. Van den Oever worked in between his first album ‘Gluid’ and ‘Twee’ (two in Dutch) on lots of dance and theatre productions, meanwhile working on bits for this album. The music is more open than on his first album, using not only field recordings but also instruments, but at the core are his Akai S2000 sampler and Atari 1040 ST computer – which are by now pretty ancient machines. The music of Gluid is, however, not very ancient at all. Highly rhythmic music, fully orchestrated with lots of sounds bouncing around, IDM rhythms, small sounds from field recordings, voices and vocals, and all such like. Hard to find a more introspective moment around here, as things keep bouncing and jumping. Joyous music I thought with sometimes a thin black line on the horizon. Trippy music, maybe even psychedelic but then in modern music. Music that is highly professionally made also, it sounds like an excellent disc. Think Expanding Records, think early Highpoint Lowlife, think Esc. Rec and contemplate: why is this a CDR and not a hot vinyl release? Gluid has the qualities for that.


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