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A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back (review)

Published: October 30, 2012
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Salt Supply – A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back
Review in Vital Weekly:

“Eight years ago the parents of Harm Kruistum left on holiday to Australia. The living room was converted into a studio, instruments were carried in, a digital tape recorder was purchased, a mixer was borrowed and recording microphones were set up. Salt Supply recorded many compositions with intent to release a CD independently. The material remained on the shelf, it was like a cheese every so often reversed and after eight years the disc “A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back,” finally ends on the counter of the small label EscRec from Deventer – the Netherlands. Fourteen adventurous catchy pop songs are on this CDR, where associations with dEUS, Stuurbaard Bakkebaard and Radiohead can quickly be made. The atmospheres of the songs are all over the place, from threatening to lighthearted, from upbeat to slow. The sound remains recognizable and shows the versatility of four musicians, Marc Fien on drums, Niels Keijzer on bass and multi-instrumentalists Jasper Koekoek and Harm van Kruistum on guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, piano, organ, mandolin and vocals. Of course it is wonderful that after all these years the listener can still become acquainted with the versatile and adventurous music of Salt Supply. It is particularly unfortunate that this is probably the only thing we get to have from this quartet. But… the album is a conclusion of a period that the musicians can be proud of.” (JKH)

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