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October 30, 2012    esc.rec.32, Press

Salt Supply – A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back
Review in Dayton City Paper:

“To be completely candid, I know almost nothing about Salt Supply. I stumbled upon A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back by sheer accident while spelunking through some odd grottos on the Internet. This collection of 14 songs released last month – but recorded way back in 2004, before the Great Recession swallowed all optimism – is a poignantly soft post-rock relic that can remind the listener of vanished trends and times. “A Day To Order” could be mistaken for a Mogwai B-side, whereas “Tomorrow’s Final Cut” steals from Radiohead’s Hail To The Thief. Even more dated are the acoustic wisps of Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens found in a few of the tracks. Music can’t physically transport us back to the past; however, it can provide a soundtrack for traveling in the present, and here is where A Lighter Weight reveals real value. Burn or download, hop in a car, press play and head straight for Ohio’s deserted country roads. You’re already lost, anyway.”

Benjamin Smith

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