Salt Supply – A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back

September 18, 2012    esc.rec.32, Releases

Title: A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back
Artist: Salt Supply
Available formats: CD-r (in handmade digipak), download
Catalog#: esc.rec.32

Download via Bandcamp

This release is also available via many other download and streaming channels, like Spotify, iTunes, etc. Check this Spotify playlist for many more Esc.rec. releases on Spotify.


01 A Day To Order (2.01)
02 Tomorrow’s Final Cut (4.17)
03 Battle Fight (3.19)
04 Scarborough (3.15)
05 Observatory (1.05)
06 Lake Toba (3.14)
07 Walk Me Down Slowly (3.02)
08 If You’ve Lived, You’ve Had One (2.53)
09 80 Mile Beach (3.11)
10 Master Says (2.43)
11 Last Post (2.39)
12 Plus And Minus Meet (3.58)
13 Sybold (2.11)
14 The Great Reset (2.14)


Written by Salt Supply

Salt Supply are:
Marc Fien (drumkit, percussion), Niels Keijzer (bass, upright), Jasper Koekoek (guitars, keyboards, synths, piano, organ, mandoline, programming), Harm van Kruistum (guitars, voice, keyboards, piano, words)

With kind help:
Backing vocals by Ruth den Hertog (#2, 10) and Merel van Dijk (#10)
Horns on #3, 10, 11 by Francien Runhaar

Produced by Jasper Koekoek & Harm van Kruistum
Engineered by Jasper Koekoek & Harm van Kruistum
Mastered by Tubefreak /
Artwork by Petra Ferweda /
Design by Harco Rutgers /

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Press release

This album is actually recorded some eight years ago. At the time, Salt Supply realised that no one was going to record a CD for them, so they decided to do this themselves. But how? When Harm’s parents left their home to go to Australia for a few weeks, opportunity knocked. The band bought a second-hand ADAT tape recorder, borrowed a mixer, and in the summer of 2004 the bulk of the material for this album was captured on tape in the living room of Harm’s parents, which by means of microphones, blankets and pillows had been disguised as a recording studio. They had a great time making this album, but completing the work on the recordings took so long that it might have never seen the light of day…

Until now that is. Esc.rec. is happy to assist Salt Supply in the release of this hidden treasure, which although clearly created in the heyday of post-rock, does not feel (out)dated at all. On the contrary. Salt Supply managed to create a cogent album with rich arrangements. Slightly reminiscent of Radiohead and Tortoise at times, but undeniably their own. Which is quite a rare achievement, especially for a home recording by a band no one has ever heard about. Enjoy!

Trivia: Attentive esc.rec. connoisseurs might notice that Marc Fien also released several solo albums on esc.rec. under his Maga moniker. And Jasper Koekoek mastered Gluid‘s self-titled and critically acclaimed debut album.


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