October 17, 2008: ACSH #4 with Machinefabriek, Jan Kleefstra, Soccer Committee, Romke Kleefstra, Wouter van Veldhoven

September 15, 2008    Ass-crack Stage-hack

On the 17th of October, the fourth edition of ass-crack stage-hack brings you three exquisite concerts, preceded by a three course diner in Havenkwartier Deventer.

Piiptsjilling is the wonderful result of the joining between Machinefabriek‘s gritty electronics, the Frisian poetry of Jan Kleefstra and the subtle guitarplaying of Soccer Commitee and Romke Kleefstra.

Machinefabriek delivers releases like they were breadrolls. And practically all of them are top quality.  Piiptsjilling is probably the most beautiful and open collaboration in his catalogue (for now). Minimal guitar sounds get hardly any manipulation; the tones float seemingly unnoticed in and out of the open soundscape. The pitch black poetry of Jan Kleefstra and his understated recitation offer some sort of counterpoint. A yin and yang between tension and space, between what is said and what’s left out. Breathtaking minimalism.

Wouter van Veldhoven creates dusty ambient, experiments influenced by pop music and conceptual soundscapes with the aid of a.o. six taperecorders, melodica, xylophone, guitar and an analogue computer. Old means, new music. Meticulously detailed sounds and simple, but beautiful melodies.

Soccer Committee is the alias of singer-songwriter Mariska Baars. In the last few years, she impressed many with some self-released ep’s (a.o together with Machinefabriek), a cd and astounding live performances. Subtle, modest guitar loops provide the foundation for the intimate vocals of Mariska Baars. Vocals that practically get whispered in your ear. Beauty to cry for.

If you do not only want to treat your ears to a feast, but also want to have your culinairy senses stroked, please join us for a meal! Amateur-caterer and ‘goesting-jockey’ Jean Klare prepares extatic pleasure for the taste buds this evening; a three course diner, including an excellent wine selection, for only 23 euro.

You do however need to make a reservation for this culinairy treat. Just send an email to harco@escrec.com. Reservations have to be in on Monday the 13th.

Entrance: 7 euro (30 euro including diner)
Start diner: 19:00 hrs.
Start concerts: 21:00 hrs.
Location: www.havenkwartier.org

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  1. I got an article in De Stentor (regional newspaper). Although I’m poorly quoted throughout the article, it’s nice to get some local attention after four years!

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