February 17, 2012: ACSH#19 Lomechanik labelnight

January 12, 2012    Ass-crack Stage-hack

The 19th edition of ass-crack stage-hack. On February 17 Lomechanik is our guest at WILLIE in Havenkwartier Deventer. Lomechanik is the friendly, high quality label from Nijmegen (remember this?). En they bring a whole array of Lomechanik artists with them.

With Sam A La Bamalot (who also released tracks through esc.rec. by the way), RaadselKijk Een SterTerugklapJorg and oXane (also released tracks through esc.rec.) this will be a night to remember. But don’t take my word for it, just click their names and listen to some of their tracks. Especially if you’re into phat beats and dito sounds, this night cannot be missed. Seriously. It’s a line-up filled to the brim with promises for the future. In a few years you’ll say: “What? All this on ONE night? No way! And for free? Whacky!”

Oh yes. You read that right. Due to a special art project at WILLIE earlier that night, there is no entrance fee for this event. So all you cheapskates are welcome too ;)

Date: February 17, 2012
Doors open: 17:00
Start: 22:00
Entrance: free!!
Location: WILLIE in Havenkwartier, Mr.H.F. de Boerlaan 151 (rear entrance)

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