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June 23, 2008    News

I just joined Soundcloud. It’s still in beta testing, but seems to work fine. It’s a new way of sending and receiving (large) audio files, and I like it. To this point you can only join by invitation and I have only one more to hand out. If you’re interested, let me know.

In the mean time, Soundcloud has provided me with this personal dropbox, which makes it real easy for anyone to send me their music. No more yousendit, zshare, turboupload, etc. I still favor receiving packages on my doormat, but if you have to send your stuff digitally, please drop it overhere.

2 thoughts on “Soundcloud dropbox”

  1. heyla

    I thought they were still testing the site. Whats you username and i’ll get some timelined comments on your track.

    Really nifty concept

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