The Peeters Principle

March 28, 2011    News

Peter van Cooten ( created a mix-collage with fragments of Arno Peeters‘ experimental work (spanning almost 30 years). Check here for more info and the extensive tracklist with links to full versions.

Arno Peeters is a musician/artist/sound engineer working from Utrecht, Holland. Starting from the 80’s techno scene (with Voltage Control, credited to release the very first ‘Acid’ record in the Netherlands), he soon ran into the limitations of the genre and pushed some borders releasing ‘Fuzzy Logic’ on Djax-Up-Beats, and the even more experimental ‘Aeroson’ soundscape on the legendary Mille Plateaux label. From there, Arno’s focus has shifted from recording projects to sounddesign and installation projects – partnering with installation artist Iris Honderdos on numerous global ‘social art’ projects.

Arno Peeters also contributed a remix to the POKE 20 project, released by esc.rec. (listen to it here).

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