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Netwaves is a weekly radio program dedicated to netlabels/netaudio. Almost every episode features an interview with a netlabel artist, netlabel owner or somebody related to netlabels or Creative Commons. The program is Dutch spoken, the interviews are in English.

Their live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio (FM106), the first independent radio in Belgium. The program is an initiative of Netlabelism, Jan, Toon, Didier, Elke, TransistorLab, Akwalek & embe. It is also archived by

Check their latest broadcast overhere. It features Sleep by Toxic Chicken (check esc.rec.19). The track gets a slightly confusing introduction (read: is announced as ‘Toxic’ by ‘Chicken Sleep’). Later on this mistake is corrected, but now esc.rec. is referred to as ‘’. After this esc.rec. gets nothing but praise, which more than makes up for a few minor mistakes!

Thank you Kai, for the tip. I am starting to realize that free music is harder to keep track of. It’s starting to surface everywhere now…  which is a good thing!

2 thoughts on “Netwaves”

  1. We had technical issues that episode: we broadcast on FM radio and experienced some major problems in the studio that night. We cut and edited it later so that the podcast sounds a little strange ;)

    Anyway, thanks for mentioning us here and esc.rec will stay in our favourite list for at least some time!



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