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Title: II aka The Cheshire Rat
Artist: Yoshimi!
Available format: download
Catalog#: esc.rec.18

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01 Hot Stuff (3.49)
02 Skelton (4.07)
03 I Shatter (Magnetic Fields cover) (1.04)
04 Far From (3.42)
05 A Building (2.44)
06 D.I.S. (Drowned In Sound) (4.23)
07 Bye… (4.15)


All the instruments, vocals, lyrics, artwork and mixing by Yoshimi!, except for:
01 – Trombone + backing vox by my brother.
03 – This is a cover of a song by The Magnetic Fields! Extra vocals by my brother again.
05 – High Ha’s by Ashley.

Yoshimi! would like to thank his brother, his father, his mother, his computer, his Ashley, Ron, Arie, Sofie, Coen, Bram, Fei-Fan, Henk, Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads, The Magnetic Fields, anyone nice, that guy that held the lamp, Trixie and YOU!

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Press release

“Hello! My name is Niek Hilkmann but sometimes I’m also called Yoshimi! I was born about 18 years ago in my parents house under my regular name, but after some long years of playing classical cello I decided another identity wouldn’t be such a bad idea! This is how Yoshimi! was born!

Yoshimi! is not a band, it’s just one person, me! I usually make music, alone, with my trusty computer and instruments. I don’t want to brag, but I play a lot of instruments. Here are some in which I am more qualified: Cello, Conga, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Bongo, Tarbuka, Rababa, Harmonium, Trumpet, Accordeon, Euphonium, Drums, Ukulele and some other small things… Every instrument, or better said, everything you hear on my songs is played, sung, yelled or squeezed by myself. I also do my own vocals, production and artwork. What I don’t do is using samples by other artists.

Oh… Yeah! And I also make videos!!! Besides that, I would really like to point out that I’m not one of those dusty guys who only record in their bedrooms or garrets. I honestly play live with a band, which include my grandfather and a laptop! And besides that, I actually record in an attic…

Everyone should ask themselfs why he or she makes music, so… I do too! And the answer comes the closest to ‘ehhmmm… I don’t know…’ It just feels like the natural thing to do for me… Yeah… ehmm… it perhaps sounds a bit Billy Elliot… But it’s true… Not my favorite film by the way… Far From… But I’m Wandering off!!! Thanks for listening in! Hope you like the stuff! ‘Till next time! Bye!”



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One comment

really enjoyed this release.. yoshimi is so real, raw, energetic, creative. his music is all over the place and takes you into a strange trip (eye) ,
a little bit of hyper tom waits on helium (skelton) and things i just never heard before. ‘drowned in sound’ is my personal favourite, because of the voice.. it can be from an 80’s punk band, a fucked up mister lou or a london gay bar singer (with or without dress)… beautifull!

Comment by kai on January 30, 2008