Esc.rec. celebrates it’s 20th year this year! Which is quite an achievemnt for a small independent recordlabel, right? Proud to say we are currently working on the 112th release (not counting the many ‘side projects’). We started celebrating late March 2024, combining it with partying for the 10th birthday of De Perifeer and the 50th birthday of Esc.rec. owner Harco Rutgers. Which was awesome. But there’s more.

Esc.rec. decided to clean house. Many of the releases in the backcatalogue of the past 20 years will be sold at (huge) discounts. Cleaning out storage, making room for the new. Mind you, most of these releases have extremely few copies left, so be quick to grab. For the most recent releases we maintain original prices for now.

This sale started already in De Perifeer, so plan a visit there if you want to get a head start. All discounts will gradually be added to the Esc.rec. Bandcamp store as well. So keep an eye out, follow Esc.rec. on Bandcamp to get updates!