Toxic Chicken – Lo Fi

September 15, 2007    esc.rec.16, Releases

Title: Lo Fi
Artist: Toxic Chicken
Available format: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.16

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01 Introducing The Family (4.31)
02 You Are My Dog (3.36)
03 Juliaaaaaaaaah (5.30)
04 Monkey Bonkey (3.32)
05 In The Swimmingpool (2.10)
06 Monkey Ate My Children (3.17)
07 Loser Rooster (3.00)
08 Johny (1.52)
09 Wannebe (1.07)


All music by Toxic Chicken
Design by Harco Rutgers

Press release

Toxic Chicken is an artist/band, musician, producer, video artist, dj and dancer/performer. He makes music with his computer, but it’s mainly his spastic performance style that makes him one of the greatest talents you’ve never heard of. His music is nuts, insane, anarchistic, electronic and more than music: It’s a lifestyle and full entertainment for weirdos and crazy people. He combines music with ideas, animations and performances to make his live set on stage a true happening.

Although Toxic Chicken has been making music and performing live for quite a long time now, ‘Lo Fi’ is his first album release so far. Beautiful, catchy lofi melodies clash with hectic beat spasms in songs inspired by his personal life in and out of London’s underground. Basically, this is how a shot of pure adrenaline gets moulded into raw, energetic, and yet carefully constructed chunks of audio.

Dare to be chicken, very pok!


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