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Gluid – Binnensuis

Published: September 13, 2007
Tags: esc.rec.15-2, Releases


Title: Binnensuis
Artist: Gluid
Available format: Download
Catalog#: esc.rec.15-2
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01 Verwarming (2.30)
02 Pluisje 1 (1.41)
03 Ik Leg Hem Terug (3.28)
04 Niet Omkijken (2.47)
05 Slaap (5.01)
06 P52 (1.24)
07 Panty (2.24)
08 Ik Meng Me Er Gewoon Tussen (3.28)
09 Pluisje 2 (1.22)
10 T.B.S. E.O. Schaap (3.14)


Music by: Bram van den Oever
Mixed by: Jasper Koekoek
Mastered by: Tubefreak Mastering
Voice & Dance: Janneke Lenzen
Concept, lyrics and solo on P52: Jehudi van Dijk
Sleevedesign: Knut Orvik/Vormversterker

Press release

Binnensuis is a short theater play/dance performance, made by dancer Janneke Lenzen, musician Bram van den Oever (Gluid) and writer Jehudi van Dijk.

Binnensuis is an experiment. The monologues Jehudi van Dijk wrote for this performance, were recorded by Bram van den Oever with the voice of Janneke Lenzen. He then modified and remixed these recordings into a stunning piece of music. Dancer Janneke Lenzen worked with this material to come up with a fitting choreography. For a long time the three individual creators of Binnensuis worked seperately on this project. Only in the final stage of the process all the parts were fused together to form Binnensuis.

Binnensuis wants to show the disturbing world inside the head of an alienated, lonely woman, who rarely leaves her house and is plagued by a multitude of different phobia and severe neurotic behaviour.

Esc.rec. felt that Gluid’s soundtrack (if you can still call it that) for this performance is so strong and autonomous that it was decided to make a release out of it. The unique, handcrafted artwork for the limited release (50 copies) is cooked up by Vormversterker. The artwork for this (unlimited) version is also made by Vormversterker.


Binnensuis monologue pdf (dutch)
Binnensuis monologue pdf (english)


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