Complete esc.rec. catalogue now available through Bandcamp

October 27, 2010    News

All esc.rec. releases are now available through Bandcamp. This means you can now listen to (stream) all tracks ever released by esc.rec. for free! That’s right! You’ll find embeddable Bandcamp players on all release pages for your convenience. Or you can go to Bandcamp to browse the esc.rec. catalogue there.

The esc.rec. releases that were already free downloads (torrents!) are of course also free downloads on Bandcamp. For the other Bandcamp downloads you have to pay a small minimum price, but you are encouraged to pay more if you like… there’s no shame in paying for good music, now is there? Most of this money is going straight to the artist(s), small percentages go to Bandcamp and esc.rec. for keeping this service alive.

Most of the physical esc.rec. releases are still available, but I decided to discontinue some of the older releases. They are now only available as digital downloads through Bandcamp.

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