It was great!

September 5, 2007    News

Well, I’ve finally somewhat recovered from MOMI-fest beta 1.0 and the Havenkwartier opening festival in Havenkwartier Deventer. MOMI-fest was a big succes! The bands were great! So was the expo, the lecture and the poetry! And the audience of course!

After MOMI-fest beta 1.0 some dj’s took over; Brandz, Maga and Radion got them feet dancing alright! I (or was it Cette Truc) was also supposed to play along with them, but Radion was on a roll with a truly smashing dj-set and it seemed like a shame to cut him short. So instead I just danced out all the last energy I had left in me…

Anyway, I could probably ramble on about how good MOMI-fest was for a long time, but for now I’ll refrain to just showing you where you can find some pictures. Click this link for pictures of MOMI-fest and this link for pictures of Havenkwartier Deventer.

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