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August 14, 2007    News

Since november 2006, NPS Radio 6 features a weekly new radio show “Folio”. Folio is all about new releases in the ambient, electronic and experimental genre. This week the spotlight is on three very different releases by esc.rec.; ‘slo-fi – ‘s latest hits‘, ‘Transfolmer – Music For Your Eyes‘ and ‘Gluid – Binnensuis‘.

Folio is presented every tuesday night from midnight until 01:00 hour (GMT+1), on Radio 6 cable radio. If this time does not suit you, or if you don’t have access to cable radio, ór if you live abroad but still want to listen to this program: you can listen to every Folio broadcast through a quality webstream exactly one week after every show.
So be sure to bookmark this link for the special Folio webstream!

Folio is compiled by Arno Peeters and/or Peter van Cooten, and is presented by Hans Mantèl.

Details of the show will also be available in Folio’s weblog – which is written in Dutch. But you’ll get the idea by just scrolling the artist and titles. And of course the music behind the player plays regardless of language…

There’s also a Folio MySpace.

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