Toxic Chicken in Bangkok

October 6, 2010    News

Toxic Chicken has been living in Bangkok for some time now. And from what I hear he’s doing just fine overthere. Today I discovered he’s into fashion these days…

Natty (a 15 year old contestant of Academy Fantasia who can actually sing) is the first one who is wearing a Toxic Chic stunning eye blinking military inspired top.

I also found his ‘It’s Handmade Mate’ CD. A double album in a handpainted one of a kind cover of pure toxicness. For now only available in Bangkok at Baking Soda, where you can also buy Toxic Chic clothes.

Update: I seem to have stumbled across Toxic Chic too early. The website officially launches in November… In the mean time Toxic Chicken is working on soundtracks for three(!) fashion shows at Elle Fashion Week in Bangkok and making preparations for some more live shows this month.

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