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Reviews in e/i magazine

Published: August 6, 2007
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Darren Bergstein (founder/publisher of i/e and e/i magazines):

“Launched in 2003 as a print magazine, e/i was the second magazine I published after the demise of i/e, which ran from 1990-1998. e/i was an attempt to establish on the newsstand what I hoped would be the most comprehensive, definitive, intelligently written and artfully designed magazine covering all manners of music electronic, experimental and otherwise. Our editorial mandate was to shatter genre margins while encompassing the past, the present and the future, extolling a broad swathe of artists who challenged the very notions of sound and vision.

Although shifts in the publishing paradigm resulted in e/i having to abandon the print medium in 2006 after only seven issues, we nevertheless look to bring the same breadth of enthusiastic and passionate critique to e/i’s online incarnation as we did with its former paper-based cousin.”

This is what e/i magazine had to say about esc.rec.:

“Dutch label esc.rec. if anything validates the credibility (and buttresses the DIY ideal) behind CDR labels. In and of itself, the format is no instant barometer of quality (any more than cassettes automatically were over CDs) but the startling amount of good music arising from outside the margins is finding its way into the world on the cost-effective CDR (and, at least from this writer, better that than on artless, faceless, sonically diminished MP3s). This batch of releases are all of an interesting piece—on face they seem stylistically naïve, but are in fact aurally deceptive; what appears to be de rigueur genre-wise quickly mutates into something undefinably else. The crime is that the material issued from esc.rec., like numerous outfits, begs for a larger audience and will probably fail to bag them—these four volumes are a good first move toward rectifying that situation.”

E/i magazine also published some great reviews about Gluid, My Mind Machine, The Wired One and slo-fi’s latest hits. Check them in the comments section of those releases or check them on e/i magazine’s website overhere.

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