September 1, 2010    News

Piiptsjilling is releasing two new albums shortly, following their debut in 2008, with which they appeared on stage in Havenkwartier Deventer at ass-crack stage-hack #4. First is Wurdskrieme, both on cd and lp by the American label Experimedia. Wurdskrieme is mastered by Taylor Deupree and already proclaimed album of the week at Fluid Radio (with a good photo of their live performance at ass-crack stage-hack #4 by the way!). Wurdskrieme is followed by Molkedrippen, which is said to be beautifully packaged by the Japanese label Spekk.

Good to hear Piiptsjilling is taking the world by storm. Which is kind of exceptional for Frisian poetry soundscapes I guess. Maybe it’s time to invite them back for another live performance. Or maybe not just yet, because in March 2011 we already have half of Piiptsjilling (Kleefstra & Kleefstra) playing with bass-clarinettist Gareth Davis and cellist Bela Emerson in Havenkwartier. Looking forward to that!

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