The Korm Plastics KILO offer

July 1, 2010    News

Frans de Waard at Korm Plastics (check the catalogue!) just came up with this grand idea:

“A friend of mine is working as a butcher, and he suggested me to sell 1 kilo of CDs. I like the idea, so it’s a deal. This deal to be precise: one kilogram of CDs, 500 gram of cds in jewel cases, 500 without jewel cases, probably it’ll be around 15-18 CDs. You can ask for 2 cds, cdrs, dvds up to 15 euros to be part of it and state what kind of music you prefer (noise, improvisation, microsound, field recordings etc) and I’ll make a nice selection for you. Your opportunity to get a real surprise, a dip into the unknown and try out a few things, you wouldn’t think of. It’s 50 euros, excluding postage. An offer you can’t resist, I’m sure.”

Kind of sounds like my esc.rec. subscription offer, in the sense that you never know what you get exactly… I love surprises! Especially the ones I’m pretty sure to enjoy.

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