May 21, 2010: ACSH #10 with Greg Haines, Marcus Fjellström and Bas Mantel

April 20, 2010    Ass-crack Stage-hack

Finally. A new edition of ass-crack stage-hack in Havenkwartier Deventer. We’re celebrating the 1oth edition with glory and beauty by Greg Haines, Marcus Fjellström and Bas Mantel.

Greg Haines returns to the ass-crack stage-hack (see his previous show) to present his new album; minimal, modern classical compositions, oozing melancholy at times. Subtle use of electronics allows him to build his compositions carefully, layer by layer. For this concert he brings an extra cello/violin player.

Marcus Fjellström fuses contemporary classical music with experimental electronica and audiovisual works. His output ranges from orchestral compositions, through independent record label releases to collaborations with “Salad Fingers” creator David Firth. Lately he has teamed up with Dutch graphic designer and artist Bas Mantel for exciting audiovisual experiments, in both moving images and print… he also designed the poster for this ass-crack stage-hack.

Date: 21 mei 2010, 21:00 hrs.
Price: 10 euro
Location: Havenkwartier vmDavo, Mr. H. F. de Boerlaan 21151 (entrance Noordzeestraat), Deventer

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