Free C64 Orchestra t-shirt

April 15, 2010    News

SPECIAL OFFER!! Starting today productiehuis ON is giving away their last C64 Orchestra t-shirts for free with every Poke 20 order! They come in size M, L, XL and girly M. Get yours now before either the limited Poke 20 release or the t-shirts run out.

I can hear some people thinking: “But… I ordered Poke 20 already. Where’s my free t-shirt?”. Well, if you want it that bad, you can pick up your shirt over at productiehuis ON (Bagijnenstraat 11, Deventer, NL). But only if you can show them your copy of the Poke 20 release

And if you DON’T want Poke 20 (I can’t imagine why not) but DO want the t-shirt, you can order yours overhere for 15 euro.

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