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Title: Herfsttonen
Artist: Various Artists
Available formats: CD-R (in handmade digipak), download
Catalog#: esc.rec.27

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01 Paul de Jong – Okkenblues (8.31)
02 MiaMia – The Branches And The Frogs (10.10)
03 Gluid – 101009 (Hellige Ding’n) (13.21)


Track 3: Composed, arranged and produced by Bram van den Oever, some arrangements by René de Wilde. Cello: Lois van Driel. Vibraphone: René de Wilde. All other: Bram van den Oever. Mix and master: René de Wilde

Design and photography by Harco Rutgers

Special thanks go out to Josien in ‘t Hof and Kim Vijfhuize at Kunstenlab for making the Herfsttonen festival a succes. Without the festival, this release wouldn’t exist.

Herfsttonen is part of Landtonen, a project by Kunstenlab in collaboration with event association Okkenbroek as a part of ’Kunst in Salland’. Landtonen is financed by the European Union ELFPO (Leader+), the Municipality of Deventer, the Province of Overijssel, Woonstichting DeMarken and foundation Kulturhus.

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Press release

The festival ‘Herfsttonen in Okkenbroek’ on November 15, 2009 was the conclusion of the ‘Landtonen’ project. Several performances took place in and around the village of Okkenbroek. It was a good day.

Artists, musicians and composers were invited to create new works inspired by this small village and its rural surroundings. Their musical impressions were then performed live on different special locations in and around Okkenbroek.

Esc.rec. was commisioned to come up with some interesting and suitable musicians/composers for the Herfsttonen festival and happily did just that. But once this great line-up was succesfully achieved, it felt like a shame to let these unique compositions fade away after their one day of glory in Okkenbroek. That’s why I decided to try and make a release out of it all, in order to save this music from oblivion.

And now, thanks to the artists, here it is.

“In his search for audio samples of Okkenbroek, Paul de Jong dug down deep in the video archive of Mr. Holterbroek, a local resident. Since he lives in the US, he worked on this composition in a hotel room nearby. Paul de Jong plays his ‘Okkenblues’ in ‘t Noaberhuus, the local meeting place. His live performance literally moved some of the listeners to tears.”

MiaMia performs a poetry-soundscape with video projection in the canteen of the local ice rink. Her poem, her soundscape (based on her own recordings of the Okkenbroek area), and her video all speak the same language. Once back outside, all of nature seemed different somehow.”

“Bram van den Oever (Gluid) recorded the sounds of an autumnal Saturday in Okkenbroek and used them for his composition. On this occasion he collaborates with Lois van Driel (cello) and René de Wilde (vibraphone). Together they make the barn of the Volkerink farm the setting for an immersive listening experience. Okkenbroek is never far away, but will never be the same.”


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Paul de Jong about Herfsttonen: click.

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