Dommelsch Locals Only

March 23, 2007    News

The Dommelsch Locals Only! Election started yesterday. You can now vote online for 28 different independent bands. You can reach the form through the login button on or You can vote only once on a single band until Friday 21st of April.

These are you choices: Bobby Kingsize, Cool Jimmy, The Delhi Sweet, El.Rod, The Jack Hills, Kas, Keynote Speakerz, Kitty Contana, Labasheeds, Leine, Monstertux, Monokino, Mummy’s A Tree, Noblesse, Nosa & Rosco, Parkside, Pourquoi Me Reveiller, Sat2D, Shay, Sneakerfreak, Spooner, Tenement Kids, Theux, Transfolmer, Tzja Giantor, Erik Vandenberge, William Wixley, and Zeal.

Alle these bands were already chosen as Local Heroes in April 2006 – March 2007. The band who gets the most votes in this election recieves the Dommelsch Independent Music Award.

I would suggest voting for either Parkside or Transfolmer, who both just happen to have some splendid material out on esc.rec. releases as well… but hey, it’s still a free country of course…

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