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March 10, 2010    News

Although not every Dutch music lover will instantly recognize the name Dion, the dedicated follower of Dutch hiphop will surely remember the name from classic beats on the albums of Jawat!, DuvelDuvel and A&C… and ofcourse some really, really obscure tracks on esc.rec.

Dion seemingly appeared from out of nowhere with Jawat!’s well-known internetrelease “Heel Goed” in 2004 and kept coming back with hard-hitting productions for years on, all the while maintaining a low-profile for himself in the media.
Meanwhile, he and painter/musician 47 had already met in 2002, a short while after the latter had graduated from art school. They immediately teamed up, sharing a love for crafting electronic beats in dark attic rooms at ungodly hours. Although their collaboration initially was a side-project for the both of them and neither of them really intended it to become anything more than that, when they started joining forces on the creation of dubstep beats, magic occurred. Ever since then, they’ve been obsessively busy, producing track after track, but never putting anything out in the open.

In 2009 everything changed. DION47 decided it was time to become heard. They started performing their live DJ-sets at parties and festivals and put out their first release “Strokebooks/That’s What (ft. Gomes)” through the internet. In 2010 their first official releases will be on Oi! Recordings, so stay tuned!

In the mean time all you dubsteppers can listen to DION47’s smashing 140BPM mix:

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