February 28, 2007    News

It has been a bit quiet here lately. A lot has happened though…

Bart decided it was time to focus more on his own music instead of music by others… and I guess he’s right… I mean, he has co-founded a label more than two years ago, but hasn’t released his own album yet… This is why Bart will stop with esc.rec. now. I hope we will see his album really soon! All this also means esc.rec. is now run solely by me (Harco).

Further more, I myself have been pre-occupied with my other activities aswell. Although that is still the case, I plan to spend more time on esc.rec. again soon.

The new esc.rec. website you’re looking at right now is a start. Although the old one didn’t need a esthetical restyle, I wasn’t quite happy with the functionality. You will find some new features have been added (like the comments and the RSS feeds) and some more new functionality will follow shortly. There might still be some holes in the archives, but I’m working on completing them right now. The audio player is gone for now, but will return in some form or another…

Ah, and of course, some new releases are lined up. And they are good!

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