Ki-osk & esc.rec.

January 6, 2007    News

Ki-osk selected some excellent designers to show their products at Kunstenlab, Deventer. The opening of this exhibition is on Thursday, January 11, 17:00 and features the pilot of a collaboration by ersc.rec. and Ki-osk: exclusive sound loops by esc.rec. artists for the Ki-osk website. These loops will eventually be released by esc.rec., probably on locked groove vinyl.

The first 7 loops have been supplied by Zèbra, a somewhat hilarious project by Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop. Starting Jaunary 11 you will be able to play with them through the Ki-osk website.

Also, dj Harco will be doing a dj-set with the complete esc.rec. catalogue, including some tracks that are soon to be released.

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